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About Shandy's Art

Shandy prefers the realistic view of art.   Most of her subjects will be of animals since from an early age she has loved animals.  Graphite is a favorite medium for Shandy to work in, though she has started to work in pastel pencils and starting to produce some nice works.  She prefers to work with oil paints over water color and acrylic paints.  In more recent years Shandy has been working with digital art.  She used a Wacom tablet and photoshop elements to produce those works.

About Shandy

I am a self taught artist. You can say I was born with a pencil in my hand. Throughout my childhood I always entered into the poster art contest they had in school. Including in high school, where one of my designs won a contest and then was placed on the school's project prom tee-shirts. That was very nice.

I'm a strong believer that you can't be taught how to draw by someone else.  It's something that you and you only have to work at it.  It needs to be practice everyday, just like a singer needs too.  Yes, I've took art classes, but they don't teach you how to draw, only how to better yourself. You learn techniques in art classes, nothing more.  It's actually great, you can learn may ways to use a type of medium that you didn't know you could use it in that way.

I find the best subjects of art are animals, hence the reason most of my work are of them. Though over half of my animal art are of horses. They are wonderful animals to work with.

I'm from the hills of Eastern Kentucky. I have strong feelings for my roots and family. My current age is 27 years old. I'm a  part-time employee. I'm married to the love of my life, and have one beautiful son.  I have plans of either becoming a teacher or own my own business.  Though I would enjoy teaching art, it just may not happen.

I've been honored in school, and college for my art. I've had five art shows, two in college, and three at the Mountain Arts Center of Prestonsburg Kentucky.  I'm hoping in the next few years you'll see me in local fairs selling some of my paintings, drawings, and prints.  I hopes you enjoy my work, and I looks ahead to become better for you followers.

Thank you.
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