Art by Shandy

Traditional Prices

Graphite Art Prices

Graphite portraits are done on bristrol paper, which is thicker then your normal stretch paper and holds up better.

Prices and Size of paper
$20.00 portrait on a 9x12, single subject $5 extra charge for another subject (person or pet).

$30.00 portrait on a 11x14, single subject, $5 extra charge for another subject (person or pet).

more sizes soon.

Family Portraits
Starts at $40 and up.  Price depends on how many people or pets you are wanting.  These portraits are done on my largest sheets of bristrol.

$40.00 on 19x24, 3 family portrait.  Additional $5 for more people/pets.

Pastel Prices

coming soon.

Digital Prices

coming soon

Payment Methods

  • All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars, and payments are expected to be made as such. The Client is responsible for sending the correct amount, equal to the listed U.S. dollar amount.

  • Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size, and medium of each individual piece.

  • I expect payment up front. Either full or half of the commission cost.  You can mail the full or half to me or I do have paypal. If you pay half, the other half is expect at pick up. No exceptions, IOUs, art trades, etc. 

  • If the Client wishes to cancel his/her commission during the sketch stage which is usually the first and second day of starting the commission, he/she will be refunded 75% of what he/she paid.  The reason you don't get a full refund is fairly simple.  I have spent my time to do the sketches and used a few pages too, sketches are done before I start on the final paper so there aren't a lot of mistakes.    No refund will be issued beyond the sketch phase of a commission. Which means once I being the drawing on the final art paper no refunds rather you have paid in full or just half.

  • I prefer commission payments be made utilizing PayPal services, and addressed to if you are not local to me. If the Client does not have PayPal, other means of payment can be arranged. However, payment is still required up front, before I begin work on a commission.

  • If you pay half before I start and at pick up you do not pay me the rest of the fee, the work is mine.  No refund will be given. 
  • Gratuities are appreciated, but not expected.

Paypal/Contact Address:
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